Private Affairs

My name is Elfie and I am the owner of the Finca El Descans.
Together with my husband we designed and built this property approximately
10 years ago. Our target was to establish a country-specific, luxury
Spanish Finca embedded in the scenery of unspoiled nature. The 5’000
square meter piece of land close to the village of Agres allowed us to make
our dreams come true resulting in our green Finca right in the middle of
the purely rich nature.

The eye catching olive tree in the middle of the garden became the
landmark of Finca El Descans especially with the patronizing Chinese
warrior grown into the massive trunk ensuring that evil spirits are
staying away from our treasure.

However the immense attractiveness and beauty of the green area also takes
its toll. Reluctantly and with a heavy heart I had to accept that the age has come
where this lovely work outside in the green goes beyond my strength.
Therefore I took the wise but quite difficult decision to say good-by to
Finca El Descans.

I offer this proposal privately without broker.

During the years my Spanish skills quite significantly improved allowing
me to build up an entertaining as well as functional network in the
vicinity of Agres.

For maintenance or garden work aswell as for shuttle services, e.g. from
or to the airport, the appropriate contacts are in place. You as my
potential successor in Finca El Descans will certainly be able to benefit
from this quite well established network.